We at Hamilton’s have used our lockdown time to see how we can help fight the spread of the Corona COVID-19 virus with the resources and systems we have in place currently.

Our Aim Is to Disinfect the Following High-Risk Areas:

- Public transport facilities and areas where queuing occurs

- Taxi ranks and interiors 

- Bus depots and queuing areas

- Police stations, holding cells and their vehicles

- My City buses and their waiting areas

- Post offices and Social grant collection points

- Hospital common areas and parking lots (areas where testing takes place)

- Prisons (where possible)

- AREAS where the outbreak is the most severe

- Old age homes and Morgues

About Us

Spencer Cowley

Owner of Hamilton's Painting

Hamiltons Painting specializes in Commercial Painting, Industrial Coating, Waterproofing & Roof Painting.

As part of the effort to stand against the Covid-19 Pandemic we have expanded our service offering to include Residential and Commercial Sanitation services and products. The product range we supply has been part of our daily operations for more than two decades.


Our warehouse and Office is located at:

Gant's centre Un

Unit 3, 8 Van Der Berg Cresent Street, Strand, Western Cape

Business Hours

Monday to Friday

7am - 5pm